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About Papatoma

Our olive grove is located in the municipality of Sutivan on the island of Brač in Middle Dalmatia. We achieve optimal conditions for our olive trees, owing to a mild sloping, and an orientation towards the South, and a rare earthy soil. For centuries, olive trees have been cultivated on barren and scraggy ground. The olive species “Oblica” is widely spread on the island and has adapted to the special climate and its surroundings over generations. Since 2019 we are an organically certified operation and are subject to periodic inspections. Additionally, and for years, we’ve been pursuing an agriculture that strictly stands in harmony with nature. The organic certification is but a further logical step to realize our philosophy.


Spring has finally arrived in our olive garden! Here at Papatoma, we focus on cultivating a well-balanced diversity of plants. We therefore tend to a large number of trees, bushes and flowers, which helps combat diseases and parasites and allows for a more natural production process.


There is never a shortage of work. In summer we tend to our plants and trees, cut excessive branches, touch up the various dry stone walls, and mow the grass and weeds. We cultivate and tend to a great variety of plants. Therefore, native medical plants grow alongside flowers, fruit trees, and olive trees. It is our belief that this harmony between Flora and Fauna reflects in the quality of the product.


The most important season in our grove: The harvest generally begins in mid October. Our olives are meticulously hand-picked, carefully stored, and processed within the course of the day. It is during this time that mistakes can easily occur, which decrease the quality of the oil. We therefore take great care during this period to dedicate our full attention and best knowledge, and therefore achieve olive oil of highest quality, “Nonno Mio…”.


Time for our trees to enjoy a well-deserved rest. Depending on the temperature and other weather conditions we start with the cut of the trees in the new year. There, we greatly rely on the experience of the locals, who still master the art. The right cut influences the health of the trees and significantly the quality of the harvest. Again, something we don’t want to leave to chance.


Our Olive Oil “Nonno Mio…” is exclusively obtained from the olive variety “Oblica”, common to the Island Brač. Our olives are hand-picked, carefully stored, and cold-extracted using the Decanter method within the course of the day. Our process results in a fruity oil, with well-balanced bitterness and pungency. We offer packages of 250ml and 500ml. For orders and questions please contact us by using our contact form below. We will respond promptly.

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